Michael Fluke and his legal assistant Donna are absolutely phenomenal. Mr. fluke is very straightforward and honest but also in a very caring and personable way. When I hired Mr. fluke he was the third attorney I had on my dvi/divorce case and honestly I wish he would've been the first. From the first time I went to the office I was greeted by a lovely lady named Donna who is one of the most organized and timely people I have ever met , who immediately made me feel welcomed she then introduced me to Michael Fluke Who instantly silenced all of my fears and doubts about my case by simply explaining the facts in a calm and caring matter . In a short period of time Mr. Fluke was able to not only fix the mess that was my divorce with a favorable well still fair outcome but also do it in a peaceful way . Which I could not be more grateful to him for . He is an extremely knowledgeable and drama free lawyer . So if anyone is looking for an incredible lawyer with an extraordinary legal assistant who make a phenomenal team then Michael Fluke is that lawyer . I would highly recommend him to anyone he's positively brilliant!

Alexandria E

At my first interview with Mr. Fluke, he impressed me as an honest, frank, and knowledgeable attorney. As my divorce case carried on, month after month, with twists and turns, he continually gained my respect and trust not only for his knowledge and counsel, but for his honesty, frankness, and sincere caring.

Mr. Fluke never sugar coated the potential outcomes I could expect, but laid out the options accurately and professionally. Good decisions require good information. Mr. Fluke provided me with great information that I could use to make my decisions. As he got to know me better, he recommended courses of action that he felt were better from my point of view and my risk tolerance while saying that he would just as eagerly and happily take a different approach if I preferred. In the end, I emerged in a much better position than I ever expected, all thanks to Mr. Fluke.

I noticed throughout my case that judges, opposing lawyers, and law enforcement knew and respected him. I'm sure there are several good lawyers out there, but you really need not look further than Mr. Fluke. The past months have been the most difficult in my life. I could not have hoped for a better advocate at my side to guide me through the minefield. I heartily recommend him.

Dan B.

I recommend Michael to anyone in need of an outstanding attorney. Michael represented me during my divorce, and I cannot overstate my appreciation for his superior service. Michael's personal involvement assured me I had the best representation every step of the way.

I truly value Michael's advice and knowledge, and even more appreciate his humanity and concern during this difficult process. Michael was able to keep the case on track, mitigate risks as they came up, and execute the strategy he outlined from the start. Michael effectively managed my interests, and my financial impacts, as his own. I am truly grateful to both Michael and Donna for representing and assisting me through this difficult event.

J. H.

If you need a divorce lawyer, Mike Fluke is the one you want. I’m in the Army and was married for fifteen years. My ex-wife and I have one child together. When my wife and I decided to divorced, I searched everywhere for a divorce lawyer. I spoke to many lawyers and most recommended that I get a lawyer in the area where my case would be held, which was Palm Harbor, FL. There seemed to be a lot of good lawyers in the area, all with outstanding reviews. Most of them, however, had only a few reviews. Mike Fluke was the one that stood out, having over 40 five star reviews. So I decided to consult with him to determine if he was the lawyer I wanted to represent me.
The first think that I noticed was that Mike is very honest. Unlike some of the other lawyers that tried to sell me what I knew were unrealistic outcomes, Mike explained the whole process, the possibilities and the most probable outcomes of my divorce.
Mr. Fluke was an expert negotiator. Mike and I discussed what my priorities were. My priorities were time with my daughter, her schooling and my retirement. He developed a plan to maximize the things that we had prioritized. My wife got a little more alimony up front, but in return, I received everything I wanted and more. My divorce never went beyond mediation! I got all of the visitation with my daughter I could handle, I got my inept ex-wife to stop home schooling our daughter, and I got to keep ALL of my retirement! Also, my alimony was for less than half of the duration that we had planned for it to be.
Leaving the mediation, I almost felt sorry for my ex-wife. She skimped and got a cheaper lawyer. The person that was supposed to be her lawyer was part of a big firm, he never showed up to any of our hearings or the mediation. He always sent a subordinate lawyer who was inexperienced and unfamiliar with the case. Don’t be the one that tries to get out cheap. You’re going to pay for divorce either way. Trust me, a good lawyer will pay for himself.

Rick H.

Michael Fluke was assertive, confident and worked hard to get the best outcome for my case that he could. I highly recommend retaining Mr. Fluke. I had several attorneys prior to meeting Mr. Fluke, and had poor results. He followed through on my case and communicated with me every step of the way.

Mark T.